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Transfer Existing Molds for Knobs

Case Study – Transfer Existing Molds for Knobs

A local company, not currently a Klann Plastics customer, was unhappy with its current vendor, who was often unable to meet quick turnaround and emergency deliveries of its molded knobs. They were looking for someone who could help them out of a bind.

Once we verified that the company's existing molds would fit in our equipment, the molds were delivered to us along with an initial supply of resin.

Klann was able to clean the molds, ensure the customer's inspection criteria were being met, and deliver a partial fulfillment within 3 days. On subsequent orders, we were able to offer better pricing because of our superior buying power on this raw material.

Transfer Mold for Knobs


  • Component Name – Molded Knobs
  • Capabilities Applied/Processes – Existing Molds Transferred to work with our molding equipment, Injection molding of knobs
  • Equipment Used – In house injection molding machine
  • Material Used – Pre-colored Polycarbonate
  • Project Characteristics – Quick Response to Customer's Needs, Parts Manufactured as Ordered, Klann was able to offer better part pricing because of superior buying power on raw material
  • Industry for Use – Precision Gas Controls
  • Standards – Used inspection gauge provided by the customer
  • Delivery Time – Partial shipped out within 3 days