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Value Added Services

Value Added Pad Printing

After-molding Services

Secondary operations are additional manufacturing steps performed after the part is molded. They apply certain features or details to the part that are not achieved during the molding process. Secondary operations are at times planned for at the beginning of a project to save on tooling costs. This is particularly important for parts with low annual usage. A secondary operation could also be used to machine very precise features to closer tolerances than possible in the molding process.

Full Range of Services

Klann Plastics is very capable of providing a full range of these after-molding services, including the following:

  • Machining – Drilling thru holes, tapping threaded holes, boring to hold a close tolerance, machining to remove excess material.
  • Ultrasonic Welding – Joining 2 or more plastic parts, hermetic sealing, installing metal threaded inserts.
  • Heat Staking – Of metal threaded inserts.
  • Decorating – Unique paint finishes, pad printing of text, part numbers, graphics, logos, etc.
  • Assembly and Packaging – Ready for sale or use.
Value Added Services Knob Assembly and Packaging

Value Added Examples

Digital Clock Housing Pad Printing
Clock Housing Pad Printing
Cover Pad Printed
Cover Pad Printed
Deluxe Utility Knife
Deluxe Utility Knife Assembly
Sniffer Jr. Pad Printed and Insert Molded
Sniffer Jr. Pad Printed and Insert Molded
Clear windows Hard Coated
Clear Windows Hard Coated
Knob Assembly Molded & OEM Parts
Knob Assembly Molded & OEM Parts