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Surgical Blade Assembly
for the Medical Industry

Case Study – Surgical Blade Assembly for the Medical Industry

This project is for an existing medical products customer, with whom we've enjoyed a nearly 30-year relationship. They had experienced rapid growth of this product line and came to us for help in finding a way to increase capacity and also hopefully lower costs—a natural fit for a higher cavity mold.

Klann engineers designed a new mold using SolidWorks which doubled the number of cavities to 8. We sourced the building of the mold through one of our trusted Asian mold-making partners at a very reasonable cost, resulting in a positive return on investment for our customer after only 6 months.

The surgical blade assembly is molded and packaged in our dedicated Class 10,000 clean room. The resin is a 10% glass filled natural polypropylene which is molded around a surgical stainless steel blade insert. A blue colorant is blended with the base resin at the machine. We perform SPC on the finished parts, including a pull test on the Poly-Poly pouch.

Medical Component Materal-3
Medical Component Materal-1


  • Component Name – Surgical Blade
  • Capabilities Applied/Processes – New 8 Cavity Mold Designed by Klann Plastics, Clean Room Injection Molding, Pull Test, Assembly & Packaging, Manage Bioburden Test Results
  • Equipment Used – In house injection molding machine
  • Material Used – Nat Polypro 10% Glass Filled, Colorant Blended at Machine
  • Typical Operations – Design: Mold designed using SolidWorks, New 8 Cavity mold doubled the number of cavities using same mold footprint, Manufacturing: This is an insert injection molded part, The Plastic is Injection Molded around the Surgical Blade
  • Overall Dimensions – 2.15 Inches Long x .90 Inches Wide
  • Standards – Class 10,000 Clean Room, No Contamination, No Blade Blemishes, Pull Test Performed on Tyvek pouch
  • Project Characteristics – Manufactured using the most cost effective solution – The Higher output of our newly designed mold enabled us to meet our customer's higher demand levels