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Inventory Management

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Customers with modest parts requirements can end up paying a premium piece price for small orders. This is because of the fixed expenses associated with start- up which are spread over the order quantity.

Klann's stocking program can benefit this customer in several ways. For example, instead of ordering 1,000 pieces each month, it will be less expensive to place an order for 3,000 pieces with scheduled deliveries of 1,000 each month. In addition to obtaining a lower piece price, all parts are normally molded and immediately available for emergencies if the customer’s requirements change and the parts are needed sooner.

Blanket Orders, Storage, J.I.T. Deliveries

North America

Common Carrier/Truck Lines, UPS/FedEx Small Package Services, Expedited Handling

Aerospace, Building/Construction, Communication, Consumer Goods, Electrical, Electronic, Food Processing, HVAC/Energy, Industrial, Marine, Medical, Military, Optical, Recreational Vehicles (RV)